Rafael Benitez has sorted out his differences with one of his prominent players Sergio Ramos. The two gentlemen were not happy about each other’s work in Madrid derby which ended in a draw.

Benitez was of the view that the penalty that Ramos conceded could have been avoided and the game could have fallen in Real’s bag.

Benitez and Ramos

Ramos, then, hit back at his manager saying that he was not spot on with his substitutions either - something that was backed up by punters who had placed bets via

However, as per the sources, there was a telephone conversation between the duo last night and both agreed to the fact that it was not right to reveal those sorts of views in public and on the occasions in future, they should take care of that.

Benitez has been in the firing line of late despite the fact that Madrid has got positive results quite consistently under him this season.

The experts are quite critical of his tendency of not adopting an aggressive approach even when the team is in a good position in the game.

Real took the lead in the derby that was played the day before yesterday, but, they looked to sit on that lead rather than trying to double it up.

In the opinion of some of the experts who have covered the Spanish Football a lot, a cautious approach is understandable when the team, that is at your disposal lacks quality, but, when you are managing a team like Real, you should not mind taking a few risks.

However, Benitez, quite clearly, does not look prepared to do that at present. Madrid’s position in the points table of the Spanish top division at present is no. 2. They are trailing by just one point.