Cavani is excited about his new role in PSG

On July 1 of 2016, Zlatan Ibrahimovic signed a yearlong contract with Manchester United as the Swedish attacker made his way out of Paris Saint-Germain and joined the Premier League outfit.

This is a fairly significant loss for Paris Saint-Germain as they lost their top goal-scorer; Zlatan Ibrahimovic was the player that was consistently scoring over 20 goals in almost every season.

The goal-scoring role of PSG will now have to be fulfilled by another player and there is a big chance that Edinson Cavani is going to be the one that has to become the new goal-scoring machine of the French club.

During the 2015-16 season of the French League, Ibrahimovic scored 38 goals while Edinson Cavani found the back of the net on 19 occasions.

If the Uruguayan attacker is indeed tasked with the role of becoming the new goal-scoring machine of PSG, it might be something too much for a player to handle but Cavani is certain that he can cope with it as he does not feel pressured.

"No it's a big challenge that I've been presented with to be part of the PSG attack in this central position. I'll try to be at my best and to respond to expectations, like I've tried to do in previous years’’

"Every footballer has his way of playing. I have no pressure. What I'm presented with is a personal challenge in order to give the best of myself, to win titles, to score goals for my team and to help it when it needs it. It's the opposite of pressure. For me it's an honor to be one of PSG's attackers." Edinson Cavani said as he talked about what his new role is going to be in PSG.

The head coach of PSG Unai Emery, is interested in bringing another attacker to his squad as he still needs someone who can replace Ibrahimovic and he needs to find someone who can play alongside Edinson Cavani.