Edinson Cavani has claimed that he would like to have a central striker role

Manchester United transfer target Edinson Cavani has claimed that he would like to have a central striker role at Paris St Germain.

At present, manager Laurent Blanc has been unable to give this position to Cavani on a regular basis due to the presence of Zlatan Ibrahimovic. The Swede occupies its bigger role in the team despite having cost considerably less than Cavani. Due to the big shadow that is Ibrahimovic, it has been suggested that Cavani would seek a move away from the French club in the summer. The Uruguayan has been linked with several clubs like Manchester United and most recently Juventus.

Cavani has reiterated his desire to be the central striker once again. However, it is highly unlikely that his request will be considered by Blanc, who continues to use Cavani as the central striker only because of the temporary absence of Ibrahimovic. The former Inter Milan forward is suspended for the next couple of matches following his comments about French football. Once he returns to action, it is expected that he will take the place of Cavani with the Uruguayan moving into a wider role. Ibrahimovic has not disappointed and the 33-year-old has scored 29 goals in 30 matches of all competitions.

"I have not really been able to play as a central striker with PSG. When I arrived at PSG, I had to change position and play on the wing. People don't understand how that can affect my performance. I could be clinical and score more goals if I was positioned as a true centre-forward and not a winger. I prefer playing centre-forward. But I don't know what will happen next season," said Cavani. "Now, no, we are waiting for PSG's season to finish, then we'll be ready to meet and speak with Juve,” said the player’s father about the interest from Juventus.