Arsenal Football Club has now decided to try and buy the services of Edinson Cavani

After failing to persuade Karim Benzema to leave Santiago Bernabeu, Arsenal Football Club has now decided to try and buy the services of Edinson Cavani who is playing in the French top tier at the moment.

Cavani is on the radar of Arsenal’s rival club Manchester United as well.
The 28-year old has been a part of Paris Saint Germain for the last two years and has delivered the goods for them, but, moving to Premier League, he will have a different challenge in his hands.

The French media had reported last week that there’s a bit of reluctance on PSG’s part to let the striker go, but, it’s now understood that the Uruguay international has been put on sale with a price tag of forty five million pounds.

Tim Vickery, an experienced soccer journalist who specializes in South American Football, reckons although Cavani has got a bit of versatility about him as he’s got both the striking as well as chasing abilities, but, there’s a question mark on his solidity.

In a column of his, Vickery wrote, “The work rate of Cavani would delight any manager, but, I know his game from close quarters as I have followed him right from his teenage years and I must say he is someone who misses scoring opportunities quite a bit.”

“With what I am hearing in Uruguay at the moment, it seems the Gunners are looking to get him in especially now that it’s been clear the Benzema transfer is not going to materialize.”

“Cavani will be an interesting option for Wenger if he does go to the Emirates Stadium.”

Cavani’s previous overseas stints have been in Italy and France only and he has never played any sort of Football in England.