Napoli wanted to lure EdinsonCavani back to San Paolo

The departure of ZlatanIbrahimovic to Manchester United has opened up a new world of possibilities for EdinsonCavani who always had to settle being in the shadow of the Swedish giant.

Now that Ibrahimovic is scoring goals in the Premier League as a performer of Manchester United, Cavani has the chance to step it up and become the main goal-scoring machine of PSG.

Back in the season of 2012-13, EdinsonCavani became the top goal-scorer of the Italian League, Serie A as he scored 29 goals in that season and the Uruguayan attacker wants to do the same thing but this time with PSG, especially now that Ibrahimovic is gone from the Par des Princes.

During EdinsonCavani’s time in Napoli, he was a prolific goal-scorer as he consistently scored over 20 goals in each season and it was because of his impressive stay in the Italian club that the president of Napoli, Aurelio de Laurentiis wanted to bring back Cavani during the summer transfer window but he failed on accomplishing his mission as the Uruguayan is still a player of Paris Saint-Germain.

Aurelio de Laurentiis confirmed that he was indeed interested in re-signing EdinsonCavani as the president of Napoli recently said: "I called Jean-Claude Blanc, PSG's general director, to ask whether Edi was for sale. He told me no, and it all stopped there. You know that I'm not generally in favor of players returning, but I really like the way Cavani has kept this bond with this city, it makes me so happy."

EdinsonCavani is not for sale as the head chiefs of Paris Saint-Germain want to utilize the services of the Uruguayan and have no desire to offload him as the task of Cavani is to replace Ibrahimovic.