Italian Football in a Precarious Situation due to Coronavirus Pandemic

Italian leagueSerie A has been suspended from March due to the coronavirus. Italy is one of the nations which had taken a hard blow from the pandemic losing thousands of people to the virus. The Italian prime minister Giuseppe Conte has given permission to restart the training from May 18. Meanwhile, Italian Federation Football President Gabriele Gravina in the reports said that if the season is to be suspended then it will be the death of Italian football. When the season will restart is unclear while the French league has been cancelled for the season.

Gravina has a clear opinion on the league and he states that as long as he is the president he will not pass the ordinance on cancelling the matches. If he is to cancel then one should clearly state him the consequences. Without any major explanation, he will not be ordering the complete shutdown of the game.

He explains about the financial loss the league has to suffer if complete shutdown is issued. If the season is to be suspended then £700–800 million will be lost and if the games are to conducted without the audience then have to suffer £300 million loss. Another option is to play with audience,but it is impossible at the current situation, which will result in loss of £100–150 million. They also have financial commitments with many partners and committees such as UEFA and FIFA.

Serie A was stopped with Juventus leading the point table and Lazio in the second position with a point behind them. When asked to Lazio’s manger about the title, he said that they are ready to have an off match with the team. He also stated the difficulties of playing of the season is to be restarted.
“We had made a choice; believing that we could not play on three fronts, we had sacrificed the Europa League, because for timing and transfers it was the most uncomfortable competition,” said Simone Inzaghi.